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Gifted and Talented Day Feedback

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Please take your seat….

Today i had rff, i was a bit worried bout leaving the bubs, but they were very good and behaved (yay!). I got a lot of sorting and organising done such as my compliance folder and teacher folder. I had planned to do more of my programming but i think i have a grasp on it a bit more now from reading through even tho i have yet to write it up.

I started my role and sorted my notes and a few other things. I started my seating plan but held off til i got home. I think i worry too much :P. I have looked at abilities, looked at the spread of boys and girls, who needs extra help, who is louder/quieter, more confident and friendships. Essentially i tried to minimise the problems, allow the children who need help to sit next to more confident children and be more easily accessed by the teacher and a teeny bit about social. I am pretty much happy with it now but when i look at it again i see someone i would wanna change. I am going to trial it tomorro and then implement it on tuesday should all go well. Well lets hope it works, a lotta time and thought has gone into it….

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Curriculum Meeting…

It was a busy lead up to the Curriculum meeting. I was really worried about holding the meeting in my room, almost like my class and i were on display. i think it looked great by the end, the kids loved seeing Picturtes of themselves! (And the parents liked seeing pics of the kids). i had fun teasing the kids when they came in and realised their chairs are gone after lunch.
The talk was a bit nerve racking, but i think i got through it ok (its being repressed), i found it was good to talk to the parents afterwards, i had plenty of info to give and some good suggestions i think… but it set my mind at ease, hopefully its a trend i continue. trying hared to listen and let the parent have their say… gunna take a while to get used to it all. thank goodness there isnt another one this year but ;).

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Warm Welcomes….

I simply must say how impressed i am at the exec staff who have taken us under their wing (us being the New Scheme Teachers). I suppose i kinda thought most Execs wouldnt have the time of day to worry bout the teeny glitches on the radar that are New Teachers and would designate it to others to worry bout us. I am so pleased to say this idea has been completely redifined. i have been blown away by their kindness ande thoughtfulness. Knowing just how much the principal has to do, i was amazed that he took the time to show me how to access the ceo website teacher section and on another day relieved a teacher in the afternoon to continue a computer session with us Newbies.
Another example is the Religious education coordinator organised a lovely opening mass where we were comissioned as teachers but also given a gift. i received a beautiful children’s bible, it is absolutely gorgeous and something i will enjoy sharing wwith my kids and keep forever.

Another of the staff organised a mini-inservice/meeting where she gave us our teacher and compliance folders (not appliance folder as I misheard the first time!). Within she had photocopied checklists, notes, staff policies and showed us how to organise these as well as our Program. That was a lotta work but it makes me feel so much more organised!!! If I were left to do it myself it woulda been a mountain outta a molehill… Even the vice principal visited the room to help me install some games on the computer, but now thats ALL the kids wanna do, im hoping the novety will wear off soon (because i’ve had to schedule turns on the computer). Its just amazing the support we are getting. I dont know which Saint has answered my prayers for a smooth transition but i Sincerely thank them, perhaps my luck is turning for this year!!! 😀

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The Bzzzzzy Life…

Its been very very very busy this last week. I spent most of the weekend sorting out my classroom displays and images/pictures for the Wednesday meeting, I was sooo tired!! Its also been hectic trying to teach the kiddies routines and getting them settled into the set class. There is a lot I wanna post about so i think i will do a few in sections…

We sorted out the classes, we looked at things like children who are more outgoing, shy, possible concerns and tried to organise it like that. I didnt have as much to say as my grade partners have a better idea of who should and shouldnt go together. Overall i think it has worked well and most of the kiddies seem to have adapted. I kept a lotta my yellow group but also had a few newbies :). There are a wide variety of learning abilities and behaviours emerging but I think that is natural in any class! Lets hope they are happy together!

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Which Social Class… Hmmm?!

A lil nervous, tomorrow we organise our classes for the year based on observations and work samples. I was lookin at the list tonight n some of the kids i know VOLUMES about, and then there are others that I am struggling to recall who they play with… I feel so dreadful for being like that, but i guess they havent stood out for me in some way…? I think there are about 4 kids who havent built up a strong friendship with a particular person… this makes me a lil sad, but then i look at the others who have built up MANY friendships in their time here… Which makes me a lil happier. We are looking at behaviour, learning, ability and how well the kids hsve settled but also friendships that seem to be a positive influence and those which may not be so fruitful…
So tomorrow we are going to sit down and sort it out, its a shame, ive become attached to some of these kiddies. I hope i get to keep some :P.

Still dreading the early morns, must make tomorro an early one for the meetin and sort out things before class. Also put in some photos to the slideshow for the parent info night next wednesday, it looks good, all the kids look happy which is the main thing. I think im happy! 🙂 Im not 100% sure yet becoz Im a bit sleepy right now to decide :P!

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A Week in Re(ar)view

Well there goes the first week of school and i survived (gives another notch to the survival theory). I am enjoying being there overall. A few things I am finding difficult are:

* Getting up early (6am) – I am used to gettin up about 7, the whole hour makes a difference, I must try to get to bed earlier!
* Immediate knowledge – The parents are brilliant but sometimes they ask me questions where i dont know the answer to immediately or that i have 100% certainty ie “My child requires sunscreen at lunch, can you watch as she applies it” or “Do the children wear sports uniform today?”. Things like sports uniform are generally decided by my grade partners so i refer them on but feel incompetent as i do so… things like sunscreen are a concern for the school but are not in any of the policies. I am hoping these things will sort themselves out and i will sound a bit more professional than “im not sure, maybe you should ask ____”
*Parent Pick-Up – At this school as soon as the kids are dismissed they all suddenly disappear like a mass demonstration of spontaneous combustion. This is a concern for me as i feel i dont know the parents who the kids are going with (i think i know 5 out of the 26 by face) and those kids whose parents arent there to pick them up wander around looking for them instead of staying put (as we have told them to a hundred times). Im not sure how to get around this, but it will be worse when the kids move to the ‘big playground’. May discuss this later

I think those are the overall main concerns but I know many more will creep in. Toilet runs can annoy me after the fifth time in a day, but that too will soon be changed so i can manage.

I am loving being with the kids, i like their stories, their imaginative play, their drawings, when they try their hardest to do the right thing. My grade teachers have been excellent, they dont put me in tricky situations and they help me out as much as possible while letting me have input as well. They are fabulous!!! Its a bit busy to mix with other staff at the moment with recess and lunch duties with the little ones, but that’s a temp thing as well. We will be sorting them into ‘official’ classes as of Thursday which is exciting and a bit worrying too, i quite like the ones in my ‘homeroom’ but am getting to know a lot of the others as well. We’ll see how it all goes there. I also have scheduled an RFF day in week 4 to help me with programming and organising my classes and classwork and stuff like that, I think i will need it.

I think i best get off the bed or I’ll be tired and cranky in the morning, im hoping my voice will return to me as well!!!! :(! G’nite n God Bless!

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Survival Theory…

Well i will no doubt come back on the weekend and do a proper post, just a few thought i wanted to get down before i crash tonight…

* We were looking at the New Scheme Teachers and what we all hafta do to be accredited, I thought it would be AWFUL. Our coordinator has gone to so much work to make it sound alright, it seems ‘do-able’ now… Thank goodness… (I say this now but actually DOING it may be a problem!)

* The kiddies are settling in quite well, I am learning how to talk to parents and get to know them. This is something I am terrified of, but Im hoping I gain valuable experience in this during the year.

* A little disappointed, I have been trying to build up strong social skills of the kiddies. I teamed up one child and thought it was very beneficial for both children. One mother has approached me and is a bit apprehensive about the friendship and would rather them not be together… 😦 So i guess its back to the drawing boards for me.

* I am sooooooooo tired. Its been a long week, very busy outside and in school which doesnt help. Im praying it will settle down (on the plus side i have a shiny new car!) But i also have a sore throat and think i am heading towards losing my voice again… NoOoOOoOo! 😦

* I like being with the kiddies, they are all looking like happy kids. There are a few tears but they are understandable. I hope this is a happy year for them!! 😀

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One Day Down…

Well the first day was alright! I was actually quite pleased nothing too terrible happened. Everything was set out, we placed everything neatly and organised. The one scary bit was the parents coming into the room, it was like a parent moshpit to begin… i was at a loss as to what to do, who i was to talk to, how i was supposed to be organising… but after the parents left it was mostly smooth sailing.

My grade partners are brilliant, they are not throwing me in the deep end at all, and arent pushing me to do anything that i dont feel comfortable doing. The kiddies are lovely, no major problems as yet, some are chatty, some are quiet. Today i got to know them a bit, i think as of tomorrow i wanna start trying to assess them a little, maybe checklists or something!? But im hoping tomorrow goes as smoothly as today, fingers crossed. Im also going to have to assert more authority, but i feel dreadful doing it coz they are only babies… if i dont i wont get much accomplished this year… tough choice!

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The first day of School…

Okies, Really nervous with a teeny bit of excitement… not excessive nervous but… i think it still is yet to hit me… The panic hasnt come just yet, Im more worried bout meeting the parents and knowing what to say than looking after the kiddies (although that attitude will probably change when i *GET* the kids). I think all is planned for tomorrow, i spent today doing some final touches, organising and sorting (my maths shelf looks absolutely awesome *proud face*) and putting away stores and helping my gorgeous support/grade teachers get the displays and room ready for tomorrow. Thats a lot of Ands. Im nervous, but i guess too they arent completely my kids just yet, we dont get our ‘own’ class til week 4, until then we observe, take notes, get to know the kids and get settled. Im hoping it all works out and that things go alright, otherwise it mightn’t JUST be the parents and kiddies in tears :P. Fingers crossed, i know i can just get through this first day its going to be an interesting journey.

So here goes, another one of life’s little firsts, its quite significant, but im hoping its GREAT. I ask for the intercession of the Angels and Saint, I ask that Mary may be my guide and model and may Jesus and the Holy Spirit watch over me, God bless this time. Go in faith. I can do all things through God who strengthens me………………………..

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